25 Leadership Skills That can be learnt to become successful leader 

In our life we are assigned to lead in various occasions like marriage functions, going for some tour or picnic etc. But when we talk about the leadership role in any of the organization then this is very important to look for someone who has strong foundation of understanding and leadership skills. Who need to look for various leadership skills but while promoting someone or hiring any body for the leadership role. bigger her at the level or higher responsibilities requires finer skills on leadership. To give the direction to the organization the role of a leader is very vital and the leadership skills can be learnt, trained and honed at any stage of life.

what are the various important leadership skills – that a person need to have? or how can a person acquire such skills that will help him to play the role effectively?  good leaders are not born with leadership skills they acquire it through their experiences, get trained, practice it and become the refined leader who can be visionary, take the whole team together, give the clean and clear instructions, able to take up the risk, communication is so refined that know what need to be communicated, went to be communicated for the effective implementation of any kind of task. To start with the first important role is:

1. Strong knitted team with relationship skills 

2.flexibility in approach and ideas 

3.creativity, innovation

4. Highly skilled conflict manager 

5.motivator to make team create possibility from impossible

 6. Quick and timely decision making skill 

7.negotiation skill 

8.effective communication skill 

9.presentation skills 

10. Skills to identify the strengths in team 

11.allocation of work on the basis of strains of team member 

12.good analytical skills 

13.strong mental strength

14. Critical thinking 



17. self awareness about limitations and Kaur strains 

18.able to train and transform team members 


20.good learner and get the learnings from every result 

21. Honesty 

22.good team builder 

23. focused result oriented 

24 emotional intelligent 


 Ranjit feels that these are them 25 basic skills that a liter need to have. This will help him to work as per the requirement of the situation and handle the team by taking care of individual team member. No one in this world can acquire all the skills from the birth itself. But from the environment and the behavior of the people near to them may give them some skills over it but this is the negative side of our education system that we are not taught or polished on the skills in our academic period. With the skills that We acquire from our environment we are able to get the initial success in ending kind of job or even Business but gradually we start identifying the various areas where we need to sharpen our self on all the above skills. The people who understand it and work on themselves they become the true leaders in coming years.