Confidence Building

why to be confident ?

To install confidence in others we need to be confident first whether we are into a leadership role or playing any role in the family, people look at us with expectations. People trust only those people who have confidence while delivering their thoughts and lacking of confidence will give you a serious impact on gaining the confidence of the family and team member. It is also required to make immediate connections and build rapport with people to make them understand our own point of you which can be helpful in building business or even giving direction to the family. As trainer you also expected to deliver confident training.


1. Believe in yourself

confidence is not a knowledge it is just The State of mind and believe in self, building confidence in yourself. You are the unique creator of this universe that has on strengths that can never be compared by anyone. It is all depends upon your own belief about yourself that will give you the courage To face the world. Take out about five minutes daily just to watch your self in the mirror and put your eyes in yours and appreciate yourself that what all things that you have done in the past and what all you are capable of doing in this life. how to become more confident in yourself. Believing self helps to understand how to feel more confident in yourself and building confidence tips to feel more confident most of the time.

2. Search your driving force

whatever we do in life always have some purpose. Without purpose we never get up and do something. To get a confidence they need to be some reason that push you to heart for achieving it so if your purpose is not that strong then it will be very difficult to get up and work on something that will initially embarrass you and will need lot of efforts. We can see in the case of that lady that I mentioned above she has a lot of strong reasons now and one of them was to prove herself. Some other reasons for to be stable on our financial level, getting up in the society and making them understand her position and Live the life without any support. If we also have similar kind of reasons purpose that drivers to go for the initial steps that are not so encouraging and needs lots of energy. Watch confidence building videos. Once we figure out the reason that will push us then that energy field workers propellant two reach the sky.

3. Visualize the positives of your life

we all have mixed kind of memories. Memories that we consider positive or negative, positive are those that gives us energy to live life and enjoy whereas negatives are those where our energies are sucked and make us feel low. When we are in non-confident state it is seen that we recall all the negative memories that further make us stay in that non-confident state. To get confidence first we need to identify the positive memories and experiences of our life. Then visualize them with my new details and relive those moments. You will find that by doing this your body will generate positive energy. This positive energy will give courage to take up the challenges that will become the stepping stone for the generation of confidence.

4. Work on your body language

Body language is the reflection of our state of mind. We can understand with the body language that what is going on in somebody’s mind, this can be reversed also. if someone understands what he is  thinking in mind then he can also make changes in them and further leads to changed body language. For the confident people there is a different body language like the position of our shoulders, position of our head, hand movements, eyes contact and voice modulation.

We can pick up any person as model for us whom we feel has the best body language as display. We can observe them very keenly and copy them regularly.Practising the body language consciously will also change the state of mind so as an NLP we say mind and body are of same system.

5. Look for challenges

Taking up challenges every day from simple to the tough one makes our mind active. When we talk about how to regain confidence in yourself then taking up the challenges is very important in the steps to being confident. Before taking up the challenge this is also very important to 1st look for your own strength and start from the strains that you have then you can move on two the strength that you want to acquire.

One basic challenge is to know what does it mean to have confidence or what does confidence mean to you or needs to have more confidence. It’s just knowing how to be more sure of yourself, accepting yourself as you are is the real wisdom and understanding what is self confidence mean.

6. Achievements need to be celebrated

Irrespective of the quantum of achievement it is more important to celebrate even the smallest achievements. When we celebrate our success we are giving clear indication to our mind that this is what exactly I want in my life or this is going to give me happiness. Then only our mind will be programmed to give us the way is to move in the direction of achievements and happiness. Achievements are not the end but they are just the milestones of our journey, where we can halt for awhile Regain energies and move forward.

Celebration of achievements also starts building the confidence within. This further multiplies when we reach the next milestone of success and we celebrate. When we have a good number of celebrations and achievements then we’ll see that we believe on our self and that is the real meaning of achieving confidence.

7. Paint your goal with Minute details

Life without any goal slowly and steadily kills the confidence of any person. Creating a goal and then painting them in the form of all five senses like you can create the image in your mind how will you look like when you will achieve that goal how will you look like when you will be confident. Make it a very colorful image, very sharp, bright and soothing to our eyes. Listen that sounds that you resemble as the sound of success and confidence. Figure out the direction from where these sounds are coming and increase the volume so that no other sound that is disturbing could pass through. Now you can feel in your body how that is. Observe and figure out where are these emotions are creating any stimulus, sensation, movement or feeling. You can also introduce any particular smell that you can have when you are confident or a test in your mouth. This will further enhance the connection between mind and body to be in confidence state.

8. Watch yourself talk and improve it with positivity

The person with whom we talk most is our own mind. This is the conversation that no one else is able to listen and provide us any feedback for improvement or to do any change. This is very safe place where we can talk all rubbish, Negativity, foul language, or non constructive non-confident talks. Since nobody else can watch this conversation so it is most dangerous in its form. There is no pressure to make any change but the results are very much evident on our body language and the way of living. This becomes our own responsibility to listen to this talk and consciously make changes into it. Design things to say to yourself for confidence.


Steps For How To Have Confidence

Confidence is actually the state of mind to learn how to be in a confidence state of mind a person needs to be willing in taking up this challenge wholeheartedly. How to be more confidence in life is equal proportion to what are my desires to be in the state for longer. I also need to understand what’s wrong with being confident then only I can get the ways to be confident. We can learn self confidence tips and install confidence within you. .There are few statements or questions that are considered to be positive or will provide me the direction to gain confidence in life. These statements or questions are given below when you will read these statements or questions you will feel that every question has a purpose to move forward or looking for some direction.