NLP Diploma

What Is NLP Diploma ?

This is a two days Small Group NLP Experience for business executives, professionals, home makers, entrepreneurs, trainers in group size of maximum 10 people. This program is for beginners who wants to have a first hand experience of NLP Intervention for their own transformation. This workshop is to provide basic information of NLP to the participants who have not experienced NLP yet. We also work on one on one basis with participants to resolve anything that can be done immediately with help of NLP techniques.

1. Entrepreneurs/ Management

To know how to create and sustain success with motivated team.

2. Professionals (Doctors/ teachers etc.)

What all patterns that are helping them professionally and which all need to be changed to achieve excellence in life.


To know what audience say and what that means. Build rapport with audience with easy techniques..

4. Housewives

How to Overcome the Obstacles In Your Life and create a positive impression.

5. Students

To Unleash Your Full Potential and build a strong goal setting with full involvement of both mind and body.

Who should Attend?

The module and the flow of this workshop will totally dependent on the needs of the participants so it is different for almost every workshop.
” Get aware of how we think, act and essential tools to design a life with greater potential”