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Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

It’s not possible to have everything the way you want it. Too many other variables are involved—primarily what other people want. We all have conflicting wants and needs, and our desires are often thwarted when they conflict with what others want.

What Is Life Coaching?


It’s proven that whenever we are in emotions are rational thinking and analysis takes a backseat. It is very much required at that time, a person who is trained and professionally ethical to help you.

How life coach help?

 The imbalance between potential and your goals will always give the dissatisfaction and frustration at the end. 

Let’s identify what is limiting you to achieve success or your goals through the life coach view?

People even after having all the resources, still they are not able to achieve the goals. When I as life coach identify and work with them it is very apparent that it is the beliefs which are not congruent with the goals that the person is trying to achieve.


When we see the presupposition of NLP that every person is unique that is the baseline of a life coach because the definition and work of a life coach will be different with different people to cater their specific goals.

What is Business Coach?

Most of us need guidance, neutral feedback and teaching to utilise optimum  potential to build business. We normally considered business as our another child that needs to be nurtured in the initial years and after that contributes in our life. Like we have emotional connection with our children people also develop emotions with your business.


 When we start a business we have some assumptions in our mind about the market and the passion that we have to our venture. But as we move ahead then we see that there is a different conditions or assumptions that we made have a different dimension so the results that were proposed or thought are not coming.


Have you started feeling that you are not giving enough time to your business as you are busy in the execution part. This is the time when you might not able to see the various indications given bye the business for any change or need of corrections.

You Have Trouble Implementing

You know that need to implement various policies and processes but you are not able to get that true. This may be due to time constraint or clarity of process, Do you know what you need to do? You might need to hire a business coach to get you out of this rut.


 I have never come across any of the organisation where people are very much free to talk about their bills even if the the owner of the business asked them to do so.

My Approach

Ranjit Singh Khuller is NLP trainer and also specialized in Time Line Therapy, Body Movement Therapy, Compassionate Communication based on Non Violent Communication and Scieocracy. He got trained as trainer by the program designed and developed by Auckland Collage of Education, New Zealand. To experience & understand applied human psychology he has also undergone the BLHP and ALHP workshops conducted by ISABS (Indian Society of Applied and Behavioural Science). The rich experience from those laboratories and made him work on himself at intrinsic level & understand the deep-rooted feelings and expressions levels to understand people better and assist them to grow further.

Let’s Get Started

NLP Diploma Certificate

NLP is more so an experiential based program where in two days diploma we will make you connect to the NLP and first hand experience of the techniques that will be required by the group as top priority. We will thoroughly practice 2-3 NLP techniques that as participant you will be able to use after the program and feel the results. This is the basic course to understand the application of NLP.



NLP Practitioner Certificate

This program will ensure you the first hand experience will all the technique of NLP. You will be able to make your own mind re-program for success in life. After this program you will be able to identify the problems pin pointed in subjects and offer them the relevant technique to receive the desired changes in there life. “6 days will be transforming days as a person or practitioner / healer.



NLP Master Practitioner Certificate

This is an invitation program, where we invite people from our practitioner group or those who are NLP practitioner / NLP Trainer from others and also done some program with us too. We select those who fulfill our internal set of pre-requisites . This is “One Year Program” where we do 3 six days modules in first six months on pre-decided dates and venues. Last six months are for practice and internship.



Happiness Coach Certification

Today’s stress has become very conmanly is reason for psychosomatic illness, personal/ professional issues and other relationship issues. Happiness provide a way of living in congruence with our filling/ emotions and the requirements of the society. After this program, you will not only able to understand and practice how you can live happily and also make people happy around you by offering your skills as happiness coach.


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