NLP Practitioner

What is NLP Practitioner?

Discover What is Stopping you from Being Happy, Getting that Success, Building the Relationship you Desire and Everything that blocking your Growth. Exploring and learning NLP principles in a beautiful , engaging and nature and serene atmosphere as well as Certification, participant workbook or book to refer back.


  • Introduction to the program and NLP as a concept
  • Representation system and its connection with Temples (sacred places)
  • Language to create and break the belief
  • The Science of building memories and Responses
  • Type of meditation and control on subconscious mind
  • Anchoring as an NLP Concept
  • Positive language and scriptures , Mantras, and Aartis
  • Stories and their connection with the subconscious mind
  • Four stages of mind that give us structure to remain in peace of mind
  • Anger and Ego as destructive emotion , illustrated with the stories from Mahapuranas
  • Jealousy as destructive emotion , illustrated with the stories from Puranas
  • The meta program of NLP concept and its description in ancient literature
  • Emotions and their role in mental well-being
  • Ritual and their impact on mental well-being
  • Pilgrimage–disconnection from negative emotions and getting back to positive action


  • Behavioral/Belief Change: Re-Programmed yourself with new attitudes and behaviours , which will allow you overcome limitations in any area of life
  •  Emotional State Control: Take Control of your Emotional State, Instantly
  •  Rapport: Develop a Powerful Connection with others, easily.
  •  Anchors: Learn to Press you’re own and other peoples buttons, Positively.
  •  Modelling: Understand how the best do what they do and replicate their success.
  •  Reframing: Look at any event from a different perspective
  • Representational Systems: Explore how people describe their internal experiences in their language and behaviour.
  • Eye Accessing Cues: Notice how people reveal their thought processes through their eyes.
  • Sub modalities: Learn how to change the way you think about things by changing the qualities of your thoughts.
  • Meta Programmes: Find habitual ways of thinking about world that you and others have.
  • Meta Model: Uncover heart of asking questions that specify and clarify information as well as changing beliefs.


Benefits Of The Program

  • Understand your SELF & others
  • Develop gratitude, FORGIVENESS & empty
  • Improve your RELATIONSHIPS
  • COMMUNICATE effectively
  • Motivate & INFLUeNCE others
  • Overcome OBSTACLES & limitations
  • Get ridof any FEARS, phobias & addictions
  • Install new positive HABITS
  • Take control of your FINANCIAL destiny 
  • Master the SECRET of the “Law of Attraction”
  • Manage your EMOTIONS & eliminate STRESS
  • Become HEALTHY – physically & mentally 
1. Professionals

If you are a professional you’ll understand the structure of beliefs, identity and new and effective ways to assist your clients in achieving rapid and lasting positive change. You’ll discover how to deal with people who perceive the world differently from you. This will improve relations with your peers, bosses, customers and new prospects. This will mean a much happier life, full of fun. You will learn how to use your skills to improve and enhance communication, rapport building and goal setting.

2. Artists, Performers & Creative Beings

NLP will offer valuable insight into what inhibits and what enhances the creative spirit. You will discover how to apply NLP strategies freely and stimulate your creativity. If you’re an artist, writer or performer you’ll never be the same again after attending this course.

3. Relationships

If you’re married or in relationship, this course will show you powerful ways to have a growing relationship and how both of you can work for common beneficial goals.

4. Breaking Habits, Phobias & Beliefs Excellence

You’ll discover how to eliminate fears and phobias and reprocess negative past events. A quick way to destroy guilt and anxiety making you feel like a child with no limitations at all. No matter your age, status, gender you’ll find these new alternatives highly wonderful to use and create the life you love!

5. Health & Fitness

What you learn will improve your health immensely. As you improve yourself your stress level goes down and your income increases. Your communication skills grow and consequently your health.

6. Parents

If you’re a parent, you’ll discover effective ways to persuade your children from engaging in destructive behaviours and bad company.

Discover What is Stopping you from Being Happy, Getting that Success, Building the Relationship you Desire and Everything that blocking your Growth.