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NLP – The Essential Guide To Neuro Linguistic Programming


The physical components aswell as the   mental and emotional components of our neurology


Linguistics pertains to the language that you use, and more specifically, how you communicate with others and more importantly , how you communicate with yourself 


Perceiving your mind as your internal operating system , Programming is the way our past expriences , thoughts and emotions affect all areas of our lives

NLP Training

 Happiness Coach

Help your clients and loved ones to find happiness in day to life, irrespective of the circumstances they may be facing.

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Become a Certified Happiness Coach! Learn 6 powerful tools and strategies to help your clients find their happiness.
NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming is a procedure through which an individual can improve his or her life by following certain tips and knowledge. To make this work, NLP makes use of attitude and self image to improve an individual’s life. If you are thinking what this technique is for then you will find that you can use it to improve different areas of your life. In fact, NLP can also help children so if you were thinking that only adults can benefit from it, you are mistaken. In india we believe that their is a line between knowledge for adults and kids but NLP breaks the rule to provide understanding between them.

Our Happiness is totally dependent on what all we carry in our mind as memories and to whom we give high importance. If we are giving more importance to the negative experiences then the chances is we will not be able to find out happines even the moment that are really positive or happy one.

NLP Diploma

This program is for beginners who wants to have a first hand experience of NLP Intervention for their own transformation.

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This is a two days Small Group NLP Experience for business executives, professionals, home makers, entrepreneurs, trainers in group size of maximum 10 people. This program is for beginners who wants to have a first hand experience of NLP Intervention for their own transformation. This workshop is to provide basic information of NLP to the participants who have not experienced NLP yet. We also work on one on one basis with participants to resolve anything that can be done immediately with help of NLP techniques.

NLP Master Practitioner

Those who have done Practitioner course on NLP and is interested to make career in NLP or further wants to move ahead in   relationship improvement and personal effectiveness.

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  • Project & market yourself as NLP Master Practitioner in your Circle of Influence and talk about it.
  • Program Design right from promotional material, to social marketing to venue finalization.
  • Pre Workshop rapport building with participants.
  • Identification of need & relevance of individual participants based on questionnaire & telephonic communication. Based on above needs identified apply on individual with relevant group intervention.
  • Preparation & submission of report on allocated subject. Our Support:
  • Marketing your program through our site and social media platform.
  • Based on the participants profile, arrangement of NLP Trainer as Co-facilitator.
  • Co-facilitator shall give personal feedback during / post workshop to you & participants (if any).
  • Help and single point personal support for preparation & submission of reports.

NLP Practitioner

Discover What is Stopping you from Being Happy, Getting that Success, Building the Relationship you Desire and Everything that blocking your Growth.

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  • Behavioral/Belief Change: Re-Programmed yourself with new attitudes and behaviours , which will allow you overcome limitations in any area of life
  •  Emotional State Control: Take Control of your Emotional State, Instantly
  •  Rapport: Develop a Powerful Connection with others, easily.
  •  Anchors: Learn to Press you’re own and other peoples buttons, Positively.
  •  Modelling: Understand how the best do what they do and replicate their success.
  •  Reframing: Look at any event from a different perspective
  • Representational Systems: Explore how people describe their internal experiences in their language and behaviour.
  • Eye Accessing Cues: Notice how people reveal their thought processes through their eyes.
  • Sub modalities: Learn how to change the way you think about things by changing the qualities of your thoughts.
  • Meta Programmes: Find habitual ways of thinking about world that you and others have.
  • Meta Model: Uncover heart of asking questions that specify and clarify information as well as changing beliefs.


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