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Who Is A Professional Life Coach for Better Life?

“Coach” is used quite often but when we try to define it, it becomes very difficult and further professional life coach is still rarely defined . Coaching has connections or people correlate with counselling, training, teaching, train coach, coaching for particular competitive exams or even preaching, still its not defined properly. The Oxford English Dictionary tried to define the coach word in more than a page.First time coach word came into use in the 15th century where it was used to define a four-wheeled covered wagon.

Evolved Coach Helps To Attain Fulfilling LIFE

Below mentioned Abstracted from International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring Vol. 6, No.2, August 2008Like many other emerging disciplines, coaching has struggled with problems of definition. Parsloe and Wray (2000) argue that part of the reason for a lack of clarity about the definition of coaching is because, “we are in the middle of an intellectual revolution.” The term ‘coaching’ can refer to a form of mentoring (e.g. sports coaching), and this conception of the term has also been applied in areas such as education and the workplace, leading to confusion about what coaching is. While a consensus emerged that distinguished mentoring (instructional) from coaching (non-directive), the boundaries are not firmly set (Parsloe & Wray, 2000).