Have you ever felt that in presence of certain people our bodies feel lighter and our mind at peace while with others it all becomes very heavy. We feel some or the other disturbance in our body and mind both. Yes, our emotions do reach our body or our bodies do reflect on our minds. The more you observe more you realize that there is a strong connection between these three health, emotions and relations. Our relationship with others and with ourselves impacts the emotions and our emotions make our health. As simple as that.
If we look around most of the people are suffering from a lot of autoimmune disease which are caused primarily due the emotions we have carried for long. Autoimmune diseases, psychosomatic illnesses like back pain, thyroid, shoulder pain, asthma, tumor and cancer, benign tumor, etc. They are all results of the suppressed emotions. When we don’t let our emotions flow free and don’t allow ourselves to express certain things which needs to come out, we let our bodies suffer. We let ourselves carry the baggage’s and burdens. Is it fair to treat someone badly and then expect that they reflect good on us. No! right! How can we expect our bodies to reflect health and happiness when we have actually consciously treated it badly by allowing it to express. Such is the bonding of emotions and body.
Now, what decides our emotions. People do play a catalyst for our emotions. Our relations generate a variety of emotions in us. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. But the most important relation we have is with our ownself and that’s the deciding factor also. What impacts us the most is this relation that we have with us, our minds and eventually with our bodies. The emotion of this relation reaches to every cell in our body. There is a constant communication on going between our emotions and our health.

The best way to realise this relation between emotions and health is to observe ourselves and our bodies while having some substantial emotions ie happiness, pleasure, pain, disappointment etc etc. To be able to work on it and to get into healing processes we must first understand and observe this relation.

Case Study- There was a successful businessman whose wife used to complaint some or the other ailment over few days. Businessman was clueless as the reports are coming fine. She got every possible test and diagnosis done to identify the issue. Every time the results were fine. The businessman would make fun of his wife amongst his friends and would feel frustrated about the fact that the issue is ongoing. Wife also was clueless but she continued to complaint about having some or the other health issue.
When the case was thoroughly researched it was found that the wife was having psychosomatic diseases primarily because in the marriage she was not living the life of her choice. Husband who once was very appreciative of wife is now criticizing her for every thing she does. She couldn’t pursue her career and dreams because of family pressure. She was confined with the household duties and responsibility towards children. Being an outgoing extrovert person it was difficult for her to get along with that life even after many years of marriage.

It was the discomfort she had with herself and her mind that was reflect through her complaints about her health. She was feeling all those ailments through her mind. In fact her mind was creating all those illnesses for her.

Case Study – On Sunday 30th of April 2023, we met and discussed over the point of Health, emotions, and relationships. One case study was practically observed during the meet. One of the participants who in the last few years got news about multiple accidents of her family members in short span of time. She developed a habit of calling all her family members frequently in a day to check if they are safe. While she was with us for the meet, her sons did not respond to her calls due to some reason. Within 5 mins she repeatedly made unsuccessful calls. She got into a state of panic, she was shivering, stammering, her hands were cold, and she told that she is not able to concentrate or listen to anything that we were discussing. This state was very painful and has all the reasons leading to complicated illnesses.

Our thought process lead to our bodily processes and this transformation is subtle and constant. We can’t disconnect them and hence we have to work on one to keep the other fine and vice versa. Blood pressure, sugar, allergies, thyroid, asthma, balding, migraine, skin and eye diseases etc etc. They all are the reflections of suppressed emotions and stress.

Actually health, emotions and relations are all interconnected. The impact of one can be seen on the other. It is very important to be mindful of the connection between the three to maintain the overall well-being.