NLP Practitioner certificate workshop

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What is NLP?

NLP is an interesting approach of understanding how our mind works behind the screen so that we can become more aware of our (also others) subconscious thinking processes and understand how we think and how we act. When we study those thinking processes that lead to human excellence, we understand a lot more about our mind and how we can use it to the fullest advantage.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

5-Days Life Transformational Workshop

Discover What is Stopping you from Being Happy, Getting that Success, Building the Relationship you Desire, and Everything that blocking your Growth.
Uncover your unconscious habits, behavior, patterns, beliefs, and language style that designed your life so far. Enhance what is working for you and eliminate what is limiting you.
Learn the secrets of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), that will help you to transform your life and reach your highest potential. Improve relations with self, partner, family, friends, peers, bosses, customers, and new prospects. This will mean a much happier life, full of fun.
What you learn will improve your health immensely. Your stress level will go down and your financial income increases. And much much more…

Why should you take this course?

Learn about the subjective experience

Fast phobia cure

Power of subconscious mind

Create your own space of excellence

Learn to build sustainable rapport

change in limited belief

Learn unstoppable confidence to excel


• Know about yourself
• Understanding others
• Discover How To Love & Live Your Life!
• Communicate effectively
• Take better decisions
• Be able to manage your emotions
• Take Control of Your Financial Destiny
• Overcome the Obstacles In Your Life
• Be more healthy - mentally and physically
• Let Go of your Limiting Beliefs
• Install new positive habits in life!

Hosting The Workshop

The workshop is being organized by Sprouts Change Management Pvt Ltd. (A training and management consulting company).

Investment: INR 25,000/- Only.
Group & Student Discounts Available
Trainer: Ranjit Singh

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NLP Models for you being learned at the end of this Practitioner Program.

Outcomes or Goal Setting & Achieving

To be able to understand various NLP strategies to create a connection between mind and body and the formations behind Setting Goals and Achieving them

Logical Levels of Change

To know what are the levels that someone can bring in change in their personality and the significance of the different levels and how to use the levels as per the needs of the change that you are looking at.

Meta Models

To be able to look at the words people use repeatedly in the language and study the subconscious world behind those words and explore that world consciously to change the way the perceptions are made habitually.

And Many More